Thursday, October 29, 2009

Respect All, Fear None... Diamond Back Football - Diamond Ranch Academy

Diamond Ranch Academy Football team training at the sand dunes in southern Utah. A film crew followed along to capture the spirit, teamwork, and camaraderie of the Diamondbacks. The film crew was impressed by their dedication to the sport and to each other. They also commented on the fact that even though the Diamond Ranch Academy team was nearly unstoppable on the field, they were humble and always courteous to their opponents and the officials.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hay Hauling

A bunch of students from the boys campus got to go with Kelby down to a ranch to haul hay for the ranch. Many of the students had never participated in this variety of work, and they were excited to get out to the field. Once working, they found that it could be quite enjoyable. A few activities that they did to make it more fun were seeing who could toss a bail the highest, stack the fastest on the truck, adn who could keep their balance the best on the bails. After about two hours of work, they boys went back to have milk and doughnuts. Altogether the work project was a great way to start off the day, and an excellent learning experiance.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speech Debate and Drama Club

Girls congregate in the room’s center; boys fall out to occupy the corners, leaning back in chairs, glassy-eyed.
Jordan, our resident thespian, needs no cue. He has already launched into an animated soliloquy on the elements of drama.
DICTION, he scribbles furiously on the board. Close behind are ARTICULATION, VARIETY, PROJECTION, and what only Jordan could have so whimsically dubbed SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC PHYSICALIZATION. He is scanning the audience for any hint of a response. Nothing.
“E-mo-tion,” he enunciates, “is the heart of the theatre. And I never thought I’d say this to students at Diamond Ranch, but you ­ need to be more emotional.”

EB, Crystal Springs

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diamondbacks vs Bulldogs

16 October 2009

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

There was a “throw down” at Bulldog Stadium Friday night, and it wasn’t only on the football field. The Diamondback cheerleaders were vigorously rallying to be the loudest squad against the Virgin Valley Junior Varsity cheer team. The girls pepped up our crowd with some new cheers that helped lead our Diamondbacks to victory.
The girls have a great time off-ranch at football games because “it’s like being at a real high school”, says Becky. Participating in cheer is a rewarding creative outlet for many girls at Diamond Ranch.
So if you ever get the chance, go to a Diamond Ranch Academy game. Cheer for our girls’ hard work, and also for another victorious effort from the fearless Diamondback football team. Go Diamondbacks!
Final Score 22-12
SE, Whisper Creek

Monday, October 19, 2009

I am so Jealous!

Ok, when I got these pictures they looked so amazing I couldn't help but whip out some apple tarts myself! :) You are inspiring, and what a skill! They look so good, I only wish that they could teach me, because mine definately didn't turn out as beautiful.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

3 Accounts of an Awesome Day!

Today I had the pleasure of going on my first hike with Mr. Force. Besides the obvious of seeing the beautiful rock formations piled high, we learned a lot of valuable lessons.
Climbing a mountain is like living your life. Sometimes the slopes are easy and there is no trouble moving on. But once in a while you hit a, what seems impossible, obstacle. It may be a steep wall or some slick sand. Either way, reaching the top is the best thing you can do. The view was beautiful. We all felt so accomplished when we reached our goal. The hard things in life, like the climb, make the amazing things in life, like the view from the top, that much better.
Mr. Force took us out into the wilderness where we could really be ourselves; and then, he taught us that the best things in life are worth going out and working for, no matter how high the climb is – it’s worth it. No matter how steep it is, it always gets easier. And once you reach your potential, the downhill walk is a breeze.
-MR, Whisper Creek
We got dressed in our sweatpants and hoodies, and then left the Ranch around 8:15 this morning. We drove in our big white van until we were in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. We had finally arrived. It was the perfect temperature outside; the sand was reddish-brown. As we got further along in our hike, we stopped to admire the beautiful red rock mountains. We continued to hike until we came to another, this one even more awesome.
We slipped off our shoes, pulled off our socks to being our climb up the soft, cold sand. Some girls climbed faster than others, but we all eventually made it to the top. Not only was it an accomplishment to reach the pinnacle, looking down at how far we had come to get there was beautiful.
The challenge of climbing to the top of the red sand hill involved three steps. Step One: Get ready! To get ready to climb, as I said before, we slipped off our shoes and socks. Then got excited! Step Two: Start the adventure. We ran up the hill thinking nothing could get in our way. Step Three: Setbacks and struggles. Some of us slipped in the sand, some of us tumbled (almost all the way back to the bottom). Nobody reached the top without having to overcome several physical and mental challenges.
This hike relates to life at Diamond Ranch well. Most girls come to the Ranch thinking they can do it all on their own: No help, no setbacks. Here is where we start Step One. We prepare to go through the program. Step Two: We sometimes fake it and waste our breath to please other people. We can’t keep up with it, we get angry and then Step Three: We slip, tumble, and sometimes even fall. We then learn from our mistakes and other times perhaps we don’t. But, when we do, it all pays off when we’re standing at graduation, in front of an audience of our peers encouraging then that they too can do it, they too can graduate from DRA.
Looking back on our first day in the program, compared to the day we graduate is amazing. Not only is the accomplishment of completing the program beautiful, but the “new and improved you” is even more beautiful. Sometimes we’ll slip and quickly get up, and other times we’ll slip and fall down. It’s how we choose to handle it that makes us who we are. Going on this hike has taught me a lot: To appreciate life and all that has happened. Don’t regret the past, but learn from it to change your future.
-MW, Crystal Springs
We all loaded into the van; there were 13 of us with Betsy as the driver and Mr. Force as the guide. It was about a 40 minute drive and along the way, Mr. Force read us stories and facts from an Herbs and Remedies book that teaches some neat things about how plants are used in modern medicine.
We reached the hiking spot and all hopped out of the van, chattering excitedly and ready to start. We took a quick picture and went on our way. Trying to keep up with what Mr. Force called a “brisk” pace. We hike along until we reached the large red rocks, and Mr. Force stopped to explain that the wind, water, and sand had formed little holes throughout them. On a section of this massive wall of rocks, was a large hill of deep, red sand. We got excited as we took off our shoes and socks, and then took off trudging up the hill. We climbed higher and higher through the sand until we reached a little cove; we sat watching the few below slowly making their way up the hill. As we started to make our way back down, the sand slid like a little avalanche and our legs were buried deep in the sand with each step. It felt like skiing. We reached the bottom just in time to see Mr. Force doing summer-saults down the hill. Those who watched laughed uncontrollably. We all sat down to put on shoes back on, and discussed the symbolism of the hill and how the climb represented life.
Then, off we went to find on arch. This required about a mile of walking. When we reached the arch our shoes were plum-full of sand. So, we all sat under the arch that spanned the width of the walking path and poured the mountains of sand from our shoes, and visited for a few minutes. Mr. Force then gave us two options for our hike back: We could follow the same trail back to the van, or take a new, slightly more strenuous path. We chose the new path, and started on our way. We climbed up and down, through and over, and around many rocks. This new path was definitely the more adventurous way to go.
By the time we reached the van, we were “all hike out.” All of us loaded back into the van and headed back to the Ranch. The hike was very fun and educational. And, although it was challenging, it was fun to let loose and just be ourselves.
-TH, Whisper Creek

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diamondbacks vs. Warriors

L-E-T-S-G-O, lets go, lets go, L-E-T-S-G-O, lets go! Congratulations Diamondbacks! After barely breaking a sweat, DRA completely destroy yet another team who was trying to catch up to what seems like an unbeatable team. Diamondbacks left Abundant Life Academy in the dust, concluding with an amazing score of 44-14. The cheerleaders kept the crowd cheering with excitement, leaving no doubt that we would remain the champions. The cheer team was loud, jumpy, and exuded endless energy, encouraging their team to fight until the end. Bravo, Diamondbacks!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fitness Club

Gatorade anyone?! If the girls in Fitness Club work out vigorously during clubs, when time is up, they earn a refreshing glass of Gatorade.

In Fitness club, girls use cycling machines and run on treadmills while listening to music. They are also able to lift free weights, do resistance training, and also work out with a yoga ball.
When asked what their favorite things about Fitness club were, one girl said, “The Gatorade and running on the treadmill because it helps relieve stress.” Another girl replied, “I like working out, getting in shape, and being rewarded with Gatorade.” They also have elliptical machines along with stair stepper machines to choose from while working out. Overall, one of the favorite machines among the girls is the elliptical.

Girls also like this club because they are able to choose what muscle groups they want to focus on that day along with what machine to use, plus the music motivates them. Some girls even bring a book to read while working out, and others just listen to music or talk to one another.
The girls have fans to cool them down after their work outs, while they stretch on the mats – thinking about the possibility of a cool glass of Gatorade.

E.W. Crystal Springs

Cheer Club

Mesquite, Nevada
Diamondbacks vs Bulldogs

Diamondback cheerleaders are buzzing with excitement tonight. A football game against the Bulldogs in Mesquite, Nevada has everyone ecstatic. Luckily, the energy I see tonight isn’t an occasional occurrence; positive vibes from these girls flow on a consistent basis around the Ranch. When previously interviewing Bryn, she stated, “It’s a positive way to release energy and a good way to bond with people.”

Curiosity leads one to wonder what brought such a diverse group of individuals together. Some, like Brittany, had specific motives for being on the cheer team. “I was a cheerleader for seven years…” Others, however, never even considered participating in such a sport until their arrival at Diamond Ranch Academy. Paola claims, “I never thought I’d be in cheer, but it’s really accepting of everyone.” A surprising conclusion another student came to seems to set the theme of Diamond Ranch altogether. Rebecca simply stated, “It shows us that we can have fun without doing negative things.” From the looks of it, fun would be an understatement. From the little things like, “We get to go off ranch and do our hair”, to “I love when we really pump up the crowd”, the girls definitely enjoy themselves; the game was no exception. Even on the ride to Mesquite, the girls were singing, laughing, and most importantly – bonding.
When the cheerleaders arrived in Mesquite, the score was still zero, zero. The eager cheer team wasted no time and got right to work rocking the crowd with their enthusiasm while, of course, supporting their squad on the field. The parents in the stands were exceptionally light-hearted, thrilled to be watching their students perform. Forty four, zero was the final score in favor of the Diamondbacks. Yet to be defeated, the Diamondbacks have eliminated all competition so far, and they’re showing no signs of backing down!

S.B. Whisper Creek

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cooking Club

I sat in on Cooking Club and it was a pretty fun experience. I went in there and they were going to make fudge and chocolate chip cookies. To ensure that everyone got to help out, they split the kids into two groups. One worked on the fudge, the other did the cookies.
It was pretty fun to be in there and as our time came to a close, we had to clean everything up. Then, the best part, we got to eat what we made.
Fudge and cookies are just a few of the many things the Cooking Club has made. Cooking projects included everything from regular recipes to changing things up that they might like more.
Overall, I would highly recommend Cooking Club for anyone who obviously likes to cook or maybe just those who like food period.

R.R. Lava Falls