Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fitness Club

Gatorade anyone?! If the girls in Fitness Club work out vigorously during clubs, when time is up, they earn a refreshing glass of Gatorade.

In Fitness club, girls use cycling machines and run on treadmills while listening to music. They are also able to lift free weights, do resistance training, and also work out with a yoga ball.
When asked what their favorite things about Fitness club were, one girl said, “The Gatorade and running on the treadmill because it helps relieve stress.” Another girl replied, “I like working out, getting in shape, and being rewarded with Gatorade.” They also have elliptical machines along with stair stepper machines to choose from while working out. Overall, one of the favorite machines among the girls is the elliptical.

Girls also like this club because they are able to choose what muscle groups they want to focus on that day along with what machine to use, plus the music motivates them. Some girls even bring a book to read while working out, and others just listen to music or talk to one another.
The girls have fans to cool them down after their work outs, while they stretch on the mats – thinking about the possibility of a cool glass of Gatorade.

E.W. Crystal Springs

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