Monday, December 14, 2009

Chocolate Mint Brownies???

Cooking Club
3 December 2009

Cooking Club today was honestly the best club I have attended yet. Derek and Kirk (our chefs) were absent and left the staff in charge of activities. It was decided that we would make mint-chocolate brownies. We got the cookbooks out and tripled the recipe. One group made the batter, one made the mint topping, and one made the chocolate topping. Once the brownies went in the oven, we looked around and it looked like a tornado had ripped through the kitchen. Twenty-five minutes later, everything was clean and we pulled the decadent desert out of the oven. After pouring mint and chocolate sauce all over it, we each received a large piece. It was so, so delicious that it was almost painful.  I really wish I would have taken the camera with me today, because just the sight of these amazing brownies would make your mouth water.  Last time I went to Cooking club, we got to make some pizzas and sweet potatoes.  Things just taste so good when you make them yourself!!!  Here are some pictures from that day!

SH, Crystal Springs

Sweet Potato Creation

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