Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diamond Ranch Academy Girls attend 4H Teen Reaching Youth benefit

We all worked very hard as a club to earn the privilege of the off-ranch benefit in St. George.  We had planned to be doing the "Fun, Food, and Fitness" segment, but plans changed and we ended up presenting "Lotions and Potions" instead.

Mr. Vernon Parrant was the man in charge of the first events of the morning.  He taught us about the development at different age groups, and how to teach others the things we learned.  We played silly games and made cool posters, followed by a tasty lunch prepared by Mrs. Force.  And boy, did we EAT!!!  Not only was the food good, but it was also healthy.


Afterward, we split into groups and started to make our lotions, lip balm, and body scrub.  With all of the different scents and ingredients, it was like our own science lab.  Mr. Force told us that the ingredients were all natural.  Although the room reeked off different scents, our club bonded, and we truly enjoyed the experience.  

The whole benefit was extremely educational, as well as fun.  I hope we can all have the opportunity to to reach others and teach them about our cool, new project.  Also, I hope that our club will be continue to grow and bond in the future asa well as we did on this benefit,  All the hard work truly paid off in the end!

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