Friday, January 1, 2010

Re-Cap of December Lady 'Backs Basketball

When the Lady ‘Backs arrived at the Washington City Community Center, we saw our competition and reaffirmed our belief that we were definitely going to win. Immediately after the game started, however, the other team had already shot and made their first two points. For the first half, we slipped up and were behind. During the second half, however, the Lady ‘Backs refocused their energy into the game and winning. Erin made the first three points, Meredith the next two, Sammy the next two, Sam the next, and Sammy the last. The final score was 20-15. We won by five, but next time a more humble Lady ‘Back team won’t let their egos affect their performance.

During the first meeting of these two teams, the Lady ‘Backs scored only eight points. By the end of this game, however, the Lady ‘Backs had held the Lady Eagles to their previous score while more than doubling their own point total. This game was the type of game you sit on the edge of your seat for, and check the clock constantly to see how much time was remaining in each quarter.

After our defeat a day earlier, we were ready to win! We strode into the gym with confidence. The game started and the edgy atmosphere settled. The possession of the ball changed constantly and shots were made by both teams left and right. We had a significant amount of support in the crowd from Tayleigh to Kurt and even Mr. Force. Everyone wanted to see the Lady ‘Backs succeed. When the last buzzer sounded, Gary (Assistant Coach) had coached the Lady ‘Backs to a 44-25 victory over the Lady Cougars. We had won by 19 points, increasing the Lady ‘Backs overall record to 5-2. Our happiness was long-lasting: We drove back to the Ranch with positive attitudes and everyone was in good spirits!

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