Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Christmas Entry

This year, we have given our parents our sobriety, safety, newfound happiness, and so many other things far more valuable than an iPod or any sum of money.
On Christmas Eve, after clubs, we were getting ready to go back to our dorms to get ready for Rec. But, to our surprise, Ricky kept us in the Big Building for “story time” and hot chocolate. The next day, 25 December, we did all sorts of things like that. For example, we were visited by Santa in the Cabin, watched holiday movies, ate pie, had candy, got stockings full of goodies, and most of all had a ton of fun! Some things we received in our stockings were a long-sleeved t-shirt, a piece of fruit, some candy, a Christmas card, a Student Store gift card, and a movie ticket! The next day, we rushed thru breakfast and hopped on the bus to head for Hurricane. We arrived at the movie theater only to find out that the girls were going to see “New Moon”. We were all so excited! We even got popcorn and soda too!
This holiday season is going to be my most memorable. It wasn’t about the gifts this year; rather, it was about the way we managed our attitudes to create a happy holiday for ourselves and those around us: “To think is to create.”

S.H. Crystal Springs

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  1. i love the authenticity of all this -- real, live, interactive (non virtual) hopefully spirital - all good