Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring is in the air at Diamond Ranch Academy

Wow, we have been busy in Samz Club the past few weeks. Our famous fainting goat had 2 babies. And our pig had 7 little piglets!
Seven?! Is that how many you count?

2010 Baseball Try-outs

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The Diamond Ranch Academy 4H club meets with younger members of other 4H groups in the area to teach them about making treats, lotions, bath fizzies, and lip balm as part of our 4H service projects!

We loved teaching the younger kids and showing them how to make these things.. Who would think you could make your own lotion or lip balm! It was so much fun!!

No-Bake + No Recipe = No Problem!

Today, I went to Cooking Club to see what the girls were preparing. I noticed that the club had two new members: Lauren and Caroline. The girls decided on making no-bake cookies; the only catch was that there was no recipe. So, we just went for it and got out the sugar, oats, milk, butter, cocoa powder, etc. The only sure thing we knew was that we needed ten cups of oats. Then, all the other ingredients must be mixed and thoroughly boiled. We made quite a mess, but our cookies were warm, chewy, delicious, and perfect. We walked back to the Girls’ Campus with full stomachs and a glass of chilled milk.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

DRA Wrestling

Diamond Ranch Academy makes the day at the local rest home!

I got out of class and rushed to put all of my school supplies safely away in a cubby, go to the bathroom, and grab the camera because I was going on a Music Club benefit! The four Music Club girls, the girls’ Staff, and I trotted down the path that leads across the field to the Music Room so as not to be late meeting the van. We went down the path, into the Weight Room, into the Music Room, and out the side door only to be greeted by the big white van. We got in, and then waited for the Music Club boys to pile in. Once the boys were settled, Mr. Meyers got into the van and drove us off to the Hurricane Rehabilitation Center. The longest part of the drive seemed to us to be getting from the Ranch to the main road.
We arrived at our destination, and the residents of the Rehab Center stared at us in awe as we got ready to play some music for them. Two boys began by playing the guitar and singing a song by From First to Last. The whole group then sang our Valentine song called “You’ll be in my Heart” from the major motion picture Tarzan. Afterward, we all passed out the Valentine cards we made previously at the Ranch. One woman, Evelyn, followed us around the facility and danced. Some of the residents requested we play in their individual rooms, and we did. I think we made some people’s days, for sure!
We left the Rehab Center and headed to the grocery store to pick up root beer and ice cream. We drove back to the Ranch, got our dinner plates from our respective campuses and then met back in the Music Room to enjoy our dinner and delicious root beer floats!

Sasipha, Crystal Springs

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love 4H

Today in 4H club, we got to make bread! Mr. Force’s wife, Miriam brought dough and all the ingredients for it. With the dough she brought, we made scones. With the dough we were going to make ourselves, it was going to be used for making cinnamon rolls. We made the dough, and all took turns kneading it. I soon learned that making bread actually quite hard labor! After kneading for awhile, we all had nice and fluffy dough. We then got some dough that had already risen from Miriam, and make it into flat circles for her to fry. After that, we spread honey butter on the scone’s surface and watched it quickly melt. Then, we sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the top, and enjoyed our delicious treats!

Sasipha, Crystal Springs

On Wednesday, the 4H girls had a blast! Miriam brought us the ingredients to make bread dough. Some were more successful bakers than others, but it was a great experience overall! We also made scones with cinnamon sugar and honey butter. It was delicious; I don’t think I have ever tasted anything better!

Megan, Whisper Creek

Friday, February 19, 2010

Check out this awesome art work!

Done by our fabulous ART CLUB!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Media Club 2010

I went over to Boys’ Media Club to see what was going on. There all of the boys were quietly listening to the movie. So, I pulled two boys out to interview: Dominic and Drew. Dominic told me that his favorite part of Movie Club is that he gets to go to school all day, but then relax once he got to his after-school club. His favorite movie seen in the club was “Red October”, and his least favorite movie was “The Pink Panther”. Drew’s favorite movie shown in the club was “Clear and Present Danger”. One thing both boys agreed on was that they would like to be able to watch the entire movie in one sitting, rather than splitting it up over two days because club time after school is only one hour. But, other than that, they both reported that they LOVE their club and would definitely join if it were offered again!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Games Club Members and Fun