Friday, February 12, 2010

What Talented Students We Have!

Yesterday in 4H, we learned how to make bookmarks using a technique called Spray Paint Art. We used spray paint, a button, a piece of paper, and cardboard. All the bookmarks turned out really pretty. I plan on teaching my brother how to do this on my next visit because I know he will really enjoy it!

Karley, Crystal Springs
Mr. Force’s daughter, Miranda, came in on Monday with a special project for the 4H Club: Spray Paint Art. We all got to make bookmarks with either the scene of a sunset beach or a nighttime waterfall with spray paint. Some of the girls even made a planet scene that turned out looking “very cool”. The 4H Club is always happy to have a new, exciting project and this was most definitely a good experience!

Trinity, Whisper Creek

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