Monday, March 22, 2010

Pep Rally

What a way to begin the week! Monday afternoon at DRA the boys and girls packed into the girls’ big building for a Pep Assembly to end their current clubs and activities. Adding to the fun was watching a slideshow of pictures and videos made by our cameraman Steven. To get the crowd riled up, Robbie and Betsy planned games such as a root beer chugging contest (congrats Samantha), cupcake eating contest (congrats Fotu), and the two most spirited students (congrats LaRisa and Lexa) who won either a big foot chocolate bunny or a giant Reeses egg. The array of talent from our student body was amazing in the videos we saw: George and Lee could become the next big rock stars and our 4H girls gave charity and worked hard to provide for those in Haiti. A monumental moment was when our Lady ‘Back basketball team was given plaques for winning the Washington League Championship. At the end, all the students were given a treat bag with candy and fruit snacks and the crowd left with a renewed school spirit!
Sam, Whisper Creek

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