Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hiking in our own BaCkYaRd

The Hiking and Outdoors Club has been traveling around Southern Utah recently.  But, this week the club barely needed to travel at all to get some awesome hiking in: The boys hiked around the Ranch and immediate surrounding area.  They explored and learned about the wildlife just outside our front door.  The boys all had a lot of fun!  It was a learning experience for all. 
"We went hiking and exploring this week.  We hiked up to the plateau.  We had a lot of fun;  it was a great experience!" - Parker

Fire up the Kiln!

The boys' and girls' Pottery Clubs at Diamond Ranch Academy were pleased to have a guest teacher from a local high school visit this past week to teach them new and different techniques both the boys and girls are now finishing up their projects and are getting ready to fire them in the Ranch's kiln.  The students are very excited about firing their projects for the first time!  After firing them, they will then glaze their completed projects.  One of the boys said, "The new pottery clubs at Diamond Ranch Academy are awesome because we get to express our creative selves through art."  All the students are looking forward with anticipation to their next projects.

Dead End

On Tuesday, Stari came to Girls' Campus around noon to the cut the girls' hair.  Some girls were reluctant to cut or even change up their hair.  All the girls who did get their haircut got from one to two inches cut off and if they had a fringe, got that cleaned up too.  Some of the girls with thicker hair chose to have it thinned out so it would be easier to manage.   All the girls are looking forward to the next time Stari comes out to cut hair.  Thanks Stari!!!
"I'm so happy; I'm finally getting my dead ends trimmed off!" - Hannah

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Clay

Media Club joined the girls Arts, Crafts, and Pottery Club as well as the Pottery and Sculpting Club on boys' campus fo the past week.  It was a lot of fun watching the boys and girls experiment with their new shipment of clay.  The boys had a local art teacher come out to the ranch, who showed them how to correctly center and form the clay on their pottery wheels.  The boys were eager to try for themselves, and caught on quickly.  The firls have been teaching each other, after learning from Brooke, one of our staff who has taken sever college-level pottery classes.  Some of the students' projects are now finished, and are ready to be fired in the ranch's kiln.  Everyone is really excited to see the finished products!

Edible Play Dough

I walked into the girls' big building and the aroma of peanut butter quickly hit me.  I immediately made my way over to the kitchen area to check out what the new Arts and Crafts Club was up to.  M&Ms, Skittles, food coloring, sugar, and many other interesting and delectable ingredients were available for the girls to use.  All the club members were sculpting what seemed to initially resemle play dough, but were also then decorating it with candy.  It was edible, peanut butter play dough!  Afterward, all the girls devoured their creative, edible art. 
"It was so much fun making edible play dough!  I have never done any craft like this before.  It was awesome!"  - Drew

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