Monday, April 12, 2010

Pumpin Iron

Boys' Weight Lifting club is not necessarily a new club, but it definitely has a new feel.  The weight room is getting a face lift.  There is new equipment, including a new bench press and squat machine, and also new mats.  Chalk has been ordered as well.  The walls are being measured for paint and possibly even some customized stenciling.  The boys have dedicated routines that they do each day.  The weightlifting goals that these boys have set are twofold: (1) to "break down muscle to get trim", and (2) to "add bulk and increase stamina".  According to Andres, one member of this club, they boys have rotations and special workouts to target certain muscle.  He was also proud to say that he enjoys his new club and is excited to meet the weightlifting goals he has set for himself.

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