Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sPrInG wEeDiNg

On Friday, June 11th we had our annual campus-wide weeding contest hosted by Kelby, Director of Maintenance and Operations.  Right after school, the students met at the basketball court and Kelby gave everyone a great pep talk to up the competition!

We were absolutely amped up and ready to win the pizza party!
For about an hour and a half there was nothing but hard work left and right, while students rushed to pick as many weeds as they could to make the biggest piles.  Even the teachers and staff were out there pulling their weight and breaking a sweat.  It was nice to see everyone working together and keeping positive attitudes.
It was a great bonding experience!  Afterward, the winner was announced and we all met under the shade trees to enjoy a well-deserved barbecue.  What a fun afternoon!
-Melissa, Media Club

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