Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Little About US!

After so many blogs about everyone else, we thought we would like to formally introduce ourselves and fill you in on what our Media Club has been up to behind the scenes at DRA.  The current members of the club are Ben, Ryan, Corrina, and LaRisa.  We have been working hard on making everything we are involved in exciting and entertaining.  We report on all the sports, clubs, activities, and benefits at DRA – trying to make them look and sound as fun as they really are in person.  We would like to especially thank Betsy for all her time and feedback.  Also, we would like to thank Stacey for her insight with editing the film.  And finally, we would like to thank Robbie for allowing us to use his computer for editing and supplying us with video equipment.  “Media Club is where it’s at!”

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