Saturday, December 18, 2010

Group Therapy Day

            On Tuesday we had our monthly Group Therapy Day.  The theme was “giving back and learning how to put others first”.  In Becky and Jan’s group we made blankets for the Dove Center, a local shelter for women and children.  McKenna said, “It’s a nice feeling to know that this blanket will be providing warmth for children.”  The blankets will be delivered by a group of students from the Ranch later this week.  Stuart and Joe ran a group on what service is really about and how to apply that knowledge to not only at the Ranch, but to life as a whole.  James said, “To give back to other people is what truly makes you happy.”  We learned that the worth of a well-lived life and happy death is much better than a poorly-lived life and meaningless death.  Steven and Nate ran a group about what people honestly think about you by relating it to who would attend your funeral.  The students wrote from another person’s point of view of how they acted and what they did in this life.  Collin said, “It made me look outside of myself and made me think about where my life was going before.  People would have come to my funeral only because they had to.  I learned about the effect I had and that I really didn’t have to do all the stuff I was doing before.”  We reflected about how others would truly perceive us and then discussed what we had learned afterward with each other.  Everyone gathered in the girls’ big building afterward for hot chocolate and a movie.  Students seem to look forward to these monthly group therapy days as a break from the norm and an opportunity to relax and reflect.

Makaila & Taylor, Media Club

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