Monday, February 28, 2011

February Birthday Girls' Benefit

The birthday girls this month chose to do a “Girls Day Out”.  It was a small group this month: Makaila, Brenda, Laura, and Ashley, accompanied by Danielle and Betsy.  First was lunch at the student favorite, Golden Corral buffet.  Boy, can these girls eat!  Ashley made it her personal goal to try one of everything, but decided it was a bit unrealistic after the first two plates of food.  The most popular food items seemed to be the dessert: Gummy bears, ice cream, pie, cookies, etc.  After lunch, the girls headed over to a local hair school to get manicures and facials.  Manicures were first, followed by relaxing facials.  These birthday girls had a ton of fun and lots of good laughs too!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Graduate Service Project

Leaving their own, unique mark for future students and staff at Diamond Ranch Academy is every student’s goal at the Graduate level.  A group of students from boys’ campus took this idea to new heights, literally.  Jeff, James, and Brian decided that for their Graduate service project, which is ongoing, they would construct/build DRA’s triple diamond insignia on the hillside opposite boys’ campus.  Check back soon for more pictures …

Thursday, February 24, 2011

DRA's Got Talent!!!

Singing, playing piano, and rapping … Oh my!  The sounds of DRA’s talented students filled the afternoon last Thursday at “DRA’s Got Talent”.  There were seven finalists slotted to perform at the big show: Karina and Kennedy, AJ and Junior, Cameron, Corrina, Brenda, Nicole, and Janaye.  The third place winner was Nicole who, accompanied on the piano by Corrina, sang “Goodbye my Almost Lover” by Fine Frenzy.  Cameron took second with his performance of the theme song from “Titanic” on the piano.  First place was a tie between AJ and Junior and Corrina.  AJ and Junior composed an original rap, complete with drum beats and a piano solo by AJ.  Corrina also performed an original piece called “Tell You”; she sang and played the piano.  The winners were treated to an after-lunch benefit on Tuesday.  There were also two ‘celebrity’ performances by the Lady ‘Back basketball team and also from Ephraim Hanks, Clinical Director.  The girls and their coaches performed the song “Lip Gloss” and later Ephraim sang and played the guitar.  It was amazing experience for both performers and audience members!