Friday, March 4, 2011

Group Therapy Day - February

We recently had our monthly Group Therapy Day at Diamond Ranch Academy.  Here are a few of the highlights from each group:

Steven, Joe, and Kade’s Group

Life is full of obstacles.  That will never change.  However, Steven, Joe, and Kade taught us how we can get through situations many different ways.  The students had to make it through a “spider web” without touching any of the ropes.  It was a great lesson on how to make the best out of any situation

Nathan & Stuart’s Group

Nathan and Stuart’s group was a less physically challenging group.  However, throughout the movie “Cinderella Man” is virtues, morals, and the theme of our recent Therapy Day: Overcoming Adversity.

Becky & Caleb’s Group

Story time with Becky and Caleb was as interesting as it was enlightening.  They talked about trials and tribulations and difference between a survivor and a victim.

The day wrapped up with a guest speaker who tied everything together with his inspirational, personal stories of overcoming trials.  We all had so much fun and learned a great deal about ourselves!

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