Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls!

The girls’ birthday benefit for March was so much fun! As usual, the girls wanted to go to the student-favorite Golden Corral for lunch. The girls enjoyed everything from hamburgers and fries to tacos and rice. And, of course, DeSSeRT! Everyone had ice cream: Some topped it with hot fudge and others with M&Ms. After the girls had had their fill, we headed over to Fiesta Fun. At Fiesta Fun the girls had ten arcade tokens, unlimited miniature golf, and also a ride on the go-carts. First was fun in the arcade. After using up all their tokens and earning fistfuls of tickets, the girls traded their tickets in for things such as rubber duckies, laffy taffy, bracelets, etc. For mini golf, we partnered up and each had a team name: The Chuck Norris’, The Green Bay Pancakes, Serious Winners, and BMXin’. It was so much fun, and we quickly realized that none of us were that good at mini golf. Then it was time for the go-carts, and it was an all out battle to the finish line. What a fun day! Happy birthday girls!

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