Monday, May 9, 2011

nEw cLuBs

It’s that time again!  DRA is switching it up with new clubs.  The girls are starting cheer and volleyball.  The girls are so excited to be starting new clubs!  Football is gearing up for the boys also.  It looks like we’re going to have a good team this year.  It’s certainly a nice change for summer! 

Football:  Boys’ campus has started a football club in anticipation of the upcoming 7on7 season.  There are about 30 boys on the roster and they are all super excited to start playing again.  Caleb says he’s excited to “finally be able to tackle some guys!”  That seems to be the theme for all the guys in the football club.  Diamondback Football is definitely THE sport at DRA.  We all love football season!

Volleyball:  Volleyball season is just around the corner, so several of our girls have formed a club to get in shape for the upcoming season.  The girls are working hard to take over.  All they want to do is win!  Tayleigh stated, “Oh snap!  Volleyball is going to be fun!”  All the girls seemed to agree to this with smiles on their faces.

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