Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Super Buff Dudes!

Weights Club is working out hard and these guys are getting super buff! They lift weights each weekday during Clubs & Activities. The boys mix up their workouts, using free weights and machines to improve their physiques. They are proud of their progress, and continue to push each other hard to reach their goals.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Games Club

They guys in Games Club are having a ton of fun playing basketball and practicing their technique shooting hoops too. The boys in this club have said that they are doing better at basketball, and are also excited about expanding their talents in other sports as well. Go team, go!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shakespeare Prep!

We’re having great fun preparing for the Shakespeare Competition! The list below is our final casting for Romeo and Juliet. We will be performing the ensemble scene on October 7th. The individual events (monologues and scenes) will be on October 8th.

Ensemble Scene (Romeo and Juliet Act IV, scene IV and V)

Character                  Student
Lady Capulet            Theresa Russo
Nurse                         Seirra Gill
Capulet                      Jacody Smith
First Fellow                Iain Plommer
Second Fellow           Soren Rieker
Friar                           Danielle Horton
Paris                           Sean Rose
Juliet (mostly dead)   Gracie Mercy
Extra/Stage Manager Willow Leuty

Joey F – MacBeth
Owen J – As You Like It
Willow L – Three Sonnets from Romeo and Juliet

Jack H, Jenna J – Twelfth Night
Gracie and Danielle – Merchant of Venice

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art Zone

The Art Club on boys’ campus loves drawing and painting. This club makes tons of different styles and works of art. They are pretty proud of the work they’ve done recently! It’s pretty quiet and relaxing in the ‘Art Zone’ where these guys make it happen. Way to go guys!