Saturday, March 31, 2012

Media and Journalism Club Benefit

Journalism Blog

The Journalism Club had an awesome benefit this month!  Elysse, Jessicca, Alessandra, Lauren, Sapphire, Gracie, Makell; along with our staff Beth and Robby; went on a fun field day of new experiences.  The group also went hiking and had the opportunity to tour the new DRA facility.  The afternoon started off at Café Rio for a taste testing. After Café Rio, we had the opportunity to visit Ice Berg, the local ice cream restaurant, for some huge and delicious shakes.  Each one of us got to taste a different flavor of ice cream: cake batter, eggnog, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, almond joy and brownie. While enjoying our ice cream, we headed down to St. George’s red rocks, also known as Pioneer Park. This was a huge adventure for all staff and students.  The view from the top of the red rocks was breath taking.  We spent the rest of the day hiking around and taking pictures. The ride back to Diamond Ranch Academy was a short one; both staff and students were laughing about all the fun we had, and looking through the pictures to see who had the funniest face. All of the girls had a great time.  It was an amazing trip, and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone I meet.

Written by Jessicca V.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What’s the drama in debate?

The students in drama and debate are having so much fun this year! This club is all about debating topics and arguing their sides, as well as acting and speech. They’re learning how to get a firm grip on the right way to argue their perspectives. Right now, the team is excitedly preparing for regionals. If you’ve got a knack for winning arguments, this is definitely the club for you! “It’s helping me learn how to argue,” says Brody. “I’ve been learning how to be enthusiastic and outgoing,” James remarks, “and I enjoy being able to argue topics I’m passionate about.” What fun! This club has a lot to offer. Good luck at regionals, we’ll be cheering for you!