Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Debate Competition

What’s the Drama in Debate?

            A few of the students from the drama and debate club had the opportunity to participate in a debate competition, also known as SPAR, in St. George. On Friday, March 16, Brooke participated in the oratory competition, where she recited a speech she wrote. After three successful rounds, she found out that she made it to state with straight superior ranks! Superior is the highest rank a student can get on their speech. Aaron, Jason, Ben, and Siobhan attended the Saturday (March 17) competition. They participated in SPAR, the debate competition. In SPAR, there are 6 rounds: the first round’s topic is teen issues, second is social issues, third is economic issues, and fourth is political issues, and the last two are mixed (semi finals and finals). Aaron and Ben made it through four successful rounds, and Jason made it through three. Siobhan was an alternate and loved giving support to the rest of her teammates. For the first time in DRA history, DRA students made it to state on their first try! Way to go, guys!  We’re proud of you and your accomplishments!

Written by Makell H.

Individual Competition

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  1. Congratulations. The effort extended in preparing and participating in a debate is commendable for everyone. Each one is to be recognized as a winner in life. To have developed the confidence to present their hard work speaks volumes about each individual. I don't know them personally, but they have earned my respect.